November has always been my favorite month. Deer Season. Maybe it is because of some the really nice deer we have been able to harvest on our place over the years. Some great bucks! 
Or maybe more than anything it is the memories made and the people they were made with. From early mornings opening day, to being piled in the old white pickup with Dad, LucasJason, Joel and Molly when I was 7 and freezing cold! To crawling up with sights on my first deer when I was 13 with my Dad and little brothers and sister. Or driving along the draw looking for Dad’s awesome Whitetail! Or last year when my cousin came back to hunt with us after almost 15 years and was there when I got my first Whitetail after we crawled for MILES! Eating “hunting cookies” while driving around counting deer and hearing stories of seasons past. Being there with my brothers and sister when they all got their first deer, or the morning of my 18th birthday when I shot my dream buck! I had shot him and trailed the blood trail for a long time until we lost it and decided to do chores and then go back and look again. That’s when Dad, Don, Austin, Sydney and Shannon came and told me they found him! Or driving out to Grandpa’s house to show him our “trophies” and hearing him say “Oh my goodness! Good for you!”

These are the memories that I will cherish forever. This is Deer Season. This is Hunting.
It’s not the results, it’s the time spent together enjoying God’s Creation in this land we call Home. I am so thankful!