I was blessed to watch the sunrise and the sunset from one of my favorite places on the Ranch today, and I was left in absolute awe of the beauty. I was also able to take a walk through one of our pastures while following some deer, and I found myself fascinated with the small things we often miss... little rocks, the variety of grasses and different vegetation, a tiny little cactus, and the unique lay of the land. I once again was in awe of the simple beauty. As we got to the top of the breaks I took in the more "noticeable" things... the distant Black Hills, the almost full moon, and the colorful sunset. And wow. Can I just say we have an absolute AMAZING and creative God. From the smallest little stone, to the biggest mountain, His creation is beautiful.

I was then reminded of Gods unbelievable care and love for His children... and not just the big moments or hardest times, He also cares for the smallest little details of our lives. And that's not all... He WANTS us to share ALL of these moments with Him. The good, bad, ugly, exciting or painful. Because He cares. Always. 
Trust Him. He made the earth, the universe, and YOU. Absolutely nothing is to big or small for our powerful, loving God.