100 year ago tonight at a Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York this couple came together in the covenant of marriage. Walter Bangert of Avon, South Dakota and Nora Hughes of County Mayo, Ireland were married.

These are my Grandparents... my mothers parents. A fun story indeed... Nora came from Ireland at the suggestion of her cousin, Sally, to get work. There were some wealthy people in New York that were glad to hire a girl to help around the house. During the waning days of World War I, she found herself on a ship leaving the Emerald Isle, with the hopes that she would one day return home. Walter was a sailer in the US Navy... a long ways from the fertile soil of Dakota. The Bangert family were early residents of Bon Homme County, Dakota Territory. Walter served on board a ship in World War I. Sometime near the end of the war, he and friend were walking down the streets of the city and they passed two attractive young ladies. After they passed, Walter turned and gave the little Irish lass a wink and she had turned to look as well... you could say the rest is history. 

 On Christmas Eve 1918 they were married and life together began... But times were different then. After the wedding Walter had to head back to his ship and Nora returned to the mansion where she was employed. But in the near future they would head to Dakota...Nora would never return to Ireland and Walter cherished his little Irish lady.

They would raise five children of which one, Voreta (Vicky), would be my mother. Grandpa and Grandma Bangert loved the Lord dearly and I believed that I was very blessed to have them as my grandparents. And you know what... I saw Grandpa Walter wink at Grandma on more than one occasion. Happy Anniversary to a special couple.