Tonight, I fried up our first batch of home raised Autumn harvest apples. Of course I delegated some chores as I had Rachel cut the apples and Kiersten helped me add ingredients.

The first time that I really remember having fried apples was when my 95 year old grandpa invited me to stay for supper. Grandpa Walter Bangert was such a fun man. And one Sunday afternoon, as I often did, I went to visit him in his apartment on the west side of Rapid City. I well remember him slicing the apples and then frying them in butter and together we enjoyed more sweet fellowship over a simple meal.

I grew up eating my share of baked apples served up in Tapioca (Frog eyes as my Dad would call the pudding). Mom baked them and served them as a dessert. Another side note on Tapioca...aka "Frog eyes". :) If I remember right... We were studying Brazil and Brazil was a leading producer of tapioca. I told my Teacher, Mrs. Eppenbaugh, that tapioca was know as "frog eyes" I even went as far and wrote frog eyes on a test instead of tapioca... Mrs. Eppenbaugh, was not impressed. She had the audacity to mark my answer as wrong.... "Can you imagine that?????"
Oh yes, These fried apples also included "frog eyes.... er I mean, tapioca and we jazzed this recipe up with some bacon. :) Yes, it was very good.