• The Lonetree Ranch of Sturgis, South Dakota is a family operation that seeks to provide not only a sustainable living, but also a livelihood that enhances the character of each family member. At whatever stage of life, each member of the family should realize their value, as well as contribute to the growth of one another. The ranch should prove to be a treasured setting for each person, and the activities should strengthen their moral fiber for today and in days to come.
  • We realize that we are only here but for a time and that God has allowed us to be the stewards of the resources that abound. We most certainly should care for that which is “for a season”, but never lose hold of fact that some responsibilities last a lifetime and into eternity
  • We understand that with possession comes responsibility and opportunity. We endeavor to widen our circle of friends and thus influence the sphere of influence of that which we hold dear. We do not live on an island and to the extent that leadership is handed to us, we must move forward in a competent matter.
  • Our heritage is and our legacy shall be. The Lonetree Ranch is a family tradition extending across the generations. That in mind, we will continue to chart a course that must be guided by God Almighty.
  • People are more important than land, cattle, horses and all the possessions that money can buy. Our desire is to see our family flourish and our children to grow and become good citizens within their community. We desire to encourage and assist physically, emotionally and spiritually those that cross our path daily.
  • We have been blessed with land and livestock. Our desires and goals for them are as follows:
  • The cattle herd is made up of Hereford Cattle. With the knowledge and facts that supports their worth to the consumer as healthy, good tasting and tender beef, we proceed with confidence that our product is a good product. The Hereford breed has been tried and true to its hardiness in all kinds of weather and climates. They do well on grass and consume less feed during winter conditions than many other cattle. We are convinced that you do not follow change for the sake of change, but that we remain flexible to allow for improvement.
  • The horse herd is made up of American Quarter Horses. We are a cow outfit and the Quarter Horse originated with that in mind. We will continue to breed for good doing horses with the stamina and endurance capability that Ranch work calls for. Good bone and sound structure are not just a desire they are a necessity. We pasture foal in May and wean in the fall when the corrals have some moisture in them.